Onakankuzi – Reception

The reception will be held in Onakankuzi. Bring your walking shoes or your 4×4! It’s a pleasant 20 minute drive through the bush (seen below), or about a 3-hour walk.

The way to Onakankuzi

Onakankuzi is the name of the village where Helena’s mother lives. Her father passed away when she was young. The village doesn’t have an intersection, or actual roads for that matter. It is a collection of subsistence farmers who live in the same area. Here is a sample of what you might find in Onakankuzi:

Onakankuzi Bush

Somewhere in this bush, or “outback” as might better be understood, Helena grew up. Her family, subsistence farmers, lives here simply and peacefully.


Helena's FamilyThe above photo shows most of Helena’s family. From the left: Ruusa Indongo (5th-born of Alina), Stefanus Indongo (8th-born of Alina), Nelumbu Indongo (3rd-born of Alina), Nelumbu’s friend (above), Tonata (team member, below), Helena Indongo (7th-born of Alina), Patrick Cronin, Mateus Ashipala (4th-born of Lavinia), Katrina Shishome (team member), Jay Haase (team member), Rosalia Indongo (4th-born of Alina), Alina Mateus, Lavinia Indongo (2nd-born of Alina), Lavina Ashipala (5th-born of Lavinia), and Kelau Gideon (1st born of Alina). Missing from the photo is only Selma Indongo.

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