Website Launched!

This website is your gateway for information on Helena and Patrick’s wedding in Namibia. I’m sure everyone will have questions, and to avoid answering the same question twice, I have elected to make this weblog where these answers can be stored so everyone can learn from your question.

To find the answers to your questions, you need to be able to find the pages with the information you want. To search the entire site, you can use the “Search” box near the top of the right sidebar.

The Connect! Forum is a great place to ask questions, or to post your travel itineraries or other plans if you’re looking for a travel buddy or just some ideas. If there’s not a topic appropriate for your question, then you can leave a comment on the Ask Questions page. My mother has also offered to answer questions–you can get her contact details on the Contact Us page. All of these pages, by the way, are accessible by using the top navigation bar, just under the photo on top.

A few of the pages on this website are password protected. I’ve done this so that I don’t have to worry about the wrong people collecting data from this website. If you want the password (and you should want the password), send me an email, or hit me up on Facebook, or Skype, or SMS, or whatever, and I’ll give you the password.

If you want to contribute to the site, to make a page, a correction, or respond to questions, just send me an email, and I’ll give you access.

Hope to see you here for the wedding!

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4 Responses to Website Launched!

  1. Website’s lookin’ good Pat! Would there be an option for people who would like to share their e-mail addresses in order to connect with each other? For example, people who are coming to the wedding could post their travel plans and itinerary in case others, looking for travel companions, could connect with them if they were interested in similiar sightseeing. Just a thought!

    • Patrick says:

      This is a good idea Mom! I have created a “Connect!” page where people can post their travel plans and itinerary, share with others, look for traveling buddies, etc. The page is available only with a password, so if you want the password you’ll have to email me. And don’t worry, I won’t give the password to people I don’t know!

  2. jonathana says:

    Days to the wedding 🙂 but seconds? Is it?

    Congratulations you two – Jonathan and Kathy

    • Patrick says:

      Yeah, the seconds is definitely a bit unnerving. It’s a WordPress Plugin–I’ve got to give and take until I get time to hack it.

      Thanks for the Congrats!

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