We haven’t got a wedding list,
the reason we’ll explain,
is to save you all the hassle as shopping is a pain,
We’ve been together for a while,
And have most things we need,
So vouchers, cash or cheques would be gratefully received,
The choice is yours, so please don’t fuss
the most important thing of all
Is that you come and celebrate with us!
But, if you’d like to contribute,
to our soft & cozy rooms,
Our heartfelt thanks go out to you
-with love the bride & groom

We’ve registered at . . . well no, unfortunately we haven’t registered anywhere. Our townhouse in Windhoek has the essentials covered, and Helena and I envision moving to the States for at least a few-years stay at some point, but for the foreseeable future we are staying in Windhoek.

If you would like to express your good wishes for us in the form of a gift, any gift would be most welcomed, however we would like to specifically mention that contributions for our children’s tertiary education (we don’t have children yet, but plan to do so) would be great.

We have two ways of accepting monetary gifts:

1. Checks can be made out to “Helena Indongo and Patrick Cronin”, and sent to my parents for deposit into Helena’s and my account (contact details are on the Contact Us page–please email me for the password).

2. Contributions can be made in Patrick’s SmartyPig Goal (an online Savings Account which accepts contributions via Credit Card or ACH transfer [which is the standard funds transfer method within the US]).

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